Redesign Uploaded:

February 21, 2024


The Anchorage Motel’s digital transformation, executed by Inclind, revolutionized its online presence and operational efficiency. Initially challenged by an outdated and user-unfriendly website, the motel partnered with Inclind to overhaul its digital interface. The project encompassed a fresh WordPress installation, enhancing stability, security, and scalability, alongside a comprehensive redesign to improve the user experience, reflecting the motel’s cozy ambiance with intuitive navigation and an engaging layout. Key features included a mobile-friendly design for optimal accessibility across devices and a photo gallery to vividly showcase the motel’s offerings.

This strategic revamp significantly empowered the Anchorage Motel staff with easy-to-manage website capabilities, enabling timely updates on room availability, news, and promotions through customized WordPress training. The result is a robust, visually appealing website that not only attracts new guests but also caters efficiently to the needs of returning customers, showcasing the profound impact of a well-implemented digital strategy in the hospitality sector.