Redesign Uploaded:

February 21, 2024



The migration project has revolutionized Eaton Realty’s digital presence, setting a new standard in the real estate sector. Through the adoption of a decoupled Drupal architecture and the integration of advanced features such as enhanced listing searches, custom Google Maps API, and personalized user experiences, we have significantly enhanced the online journey for users. These upgrades have modernized Eaton Realty’s platform, resulting in improved site performance, enhanced search capabilities, and increased user engagement.

Since the launch, Eaton Realty has seen notable improvements in digital operations, streamlined lead management, and enhanced property search functionalities, leading to heightened engagement and improved conversion rates. Our ongoing dedication to support and continuous enhancements ensures the platform remains relevant and high-performing, underscoring Inclind’s pivotal role in driving digital transformation and market competitiveness for our clients.